Apples have a low glycemic index value, so they are recommended for people with diabetes or hyperglycemia (does not apply to juice). They contain vitamin C to boost immunity, and potassium and magnesium for a healthy nervous system. It helps clear and improve the elasticity of the skin, improves cell function and is involved in collagen production. Apples have very many benefits. Mangoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates, giving us a solid boost of energy. The vitamins in mango include vitamin C, A, E, K and some B vitamins. The precious ingredients are complete with antioxidants. The fruit also supports health and has a positive effect on appearance.

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Ingredients: mango (50%), apple (30%), sweetener: erythritol, water, modified starch, colourant: carotenes, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavourings, sweetener: sucralose. When to have APPLE & MANGO IN JELLY? WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT! FEEL THE EXOTIC PASSION!

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