NUTLOVE Coco Crunch. Meet the new delicious taste

Meet the new delicious taste of NUTLOVE Coco Crunch. A taste you will fall in love with.
The product contains almonds, coconut flakes, shea oil and powdered whey. The cream is sweetened with safe alcoholic sugar – maltitol. It has a much lower calorific value than sucrose and a low glycemic index (IG 35).
The cream does not contain trans fats, which are so many in market creams. NUTLOVE Coco Crunch does not contain the addition of palm oil, which is the filling of many sweets and their substitutes.

Coconut flakes and almonds in the cream provide good quality fats that should be included in the diet of every person.
NUTLOVE Coco Crunch With Almond Nuts is a pure pleasure for the palate. Refined sweet elegance, which is an ideal substitute for sweetness in the diet.

Advantages of a delicious cream with almonds:

  • does not contain palm oil
  • does not contain added sugar
  • has a captivating taste
  • is a healthier replacement for sweets


Regardless of whether the gym is your second home or you are just starting your adventure, the Allnutrition brand will meet all your expectations. Each product must respond to specific customer needs.

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