Nutlove composition and calories

Maintaining a diet and a slim figure is primarily a matter of resistance to temptation. Most of us can’t give up on the sweet taste, and therefore on products that contain sugar. It is the excess of sugar consumed in various forms that causes many metabolic diseases and the epidemic of overweight in our society. Sweet taste is extremely important to us, we associate it with reward and pleasure. But what to do to reconcile this pleasure with maintaining a healthy body weight?

Many people still look unfavorably at all kinds of sweeteners. Although scientific research does not confirm their negative health effects, myths about them do not die. Another solution is polyols, i.e. alcoholic sugars, which are increasingly used in dietary foods. Alcoholic sugars are a safe substitute for refined sugar, are characterized by a good taste, and at the same time significantly reduce the caloric value of products based on them. The undoubted advantage of alcoholic sugars, i.e. polyols, is their lower effect on glycemia, i.e. blood sugar levels, as opposed to refined sugar.

It is on one of the alcoholic sugars, namely maltitol, that Nutlove creams are based, which have undoubtedly become the biggest hit on the diet food market in our country in recent years.
Nutlove creams are also devoid of unhealthy fats, and most of all palm oil, the negative impact of which on our health is well known to all of us. Thanks to this, we get a delicious cream that not only saves us in moments of weakness, when the temptation to eat something sweet takes over, but we also gain the feeling that we do not harm our health or figure.
A healthy diet does not have to be associated with a sterile taste of food and consumption without pleasure. That is why it is worth including Nutlove and other products from the dietary food section offered by the ALLNUTRITION brand in our diet.


Regardless of whether the gym is your second home or you are just starting your adventure, the Allnutrition brand will meet all your expectations. Each product must respond to specific customer needs.

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