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When we were preparing a new line of products within the ALLNUTRITION brand, our priority was not only to create top-quality supplements. Even the most effective products with ingredients of the highest quality can’t satisfy customers’ expectations if they simply are not tasty! It is the taste that is of great importance to us because it is based on it that we can tell if we would like to reach for a product again after trying it for the first time. We offer a wide range of delicious flavours to choose from, and they should satisfy even the most demanding customers.

18 years of experience in the supplement and fitness industry

Our brand was founded on many years of experience in the supplement and fitness industry. SFD S.A has been setting trends on the Polish supplement market without a break since 1999. Multi-channelled actions, founded on the largest discussion forum in Poland allowed us to acquire invaluable knowledge and gather the opinions of hundreds of thousands of users from all over the country. In our work we seek to meet the expectations of consumers by providing them with exactly what they need. Each product should reach a wide group of customers and build trust in our brand. That’s what the Allnutrition brand is about. Created with our customers in mind, without compromise and with passion. Women, the elderly, men – there is something for everyone in our offer.

ALLNUTRITION – a brand created for everyone

Whether the gym is your second home, or you’re just getting started, Allnutrition will meet all your expectations. Each product must address specific customer needs. We act dynamically and think ahead. We do not limit ourselves and we aim at introducing a number of innovations. The brand portfolio includes basic products, items that are absolutely indispensable in supplementation, as well as nutrition innovations or products with an advanced composition which we constantly improve. We are perfectly aware that our customer’s world is not just about workouts. It also includes lifestyle, diet and good health. We address every aspect.

100% safety and quality

We are a large, publically traded company, under constant inspection, committed to the highest standards of customer services and quality. We always care not only about sales but also about building trust, creating the best brand image in the eyes of consumers. Only in this way can we strengthen our position and keep everyone coming back for our products. In this respect, safety is of crucial importance. We only rely on manufacturing in GMP- and HACCP-certified facilities with years of experience and a professional approach. We comply with all EU directives and international law. We know what our customer gets and how it is manufactured.

The best raw materials

The manufacturer of Allnutrition is committed to the best quality of raw materials which come from a proven source and are subject to research and testing. We never experiment with our customers. We must be absolutely certain, based on tests, that each raw material is an innovation of the highest standard.

Modern and consistent design

A customer’s first contact with the brand is based on a visual impression. We could not overlook this extremely important factor. Allnutrition makes up a coherent whole based on product lines that can be very easily characterised and assigned to a specific goal of our consumer. The products have an aesthetic appearance, they are intelligible and convey the same message as the whole brand – they are made for everyone.

A good product has to be tasty

Many manufacturers believe that taste is not important. It should work. We don’t like to be faced with such a choice. If you reach for your favourite protein every day, it must be with pleasure. We want our customers to look forward to the moment when it’s time for their favourite protein shake. If you think of some flavour, there’s a good chance that you will find it among our products. Our flagship product – Whey Protein – can be bought in more than 50 flavours which are constantly being improved. We taste test our products, gather feedback and create new flavours based on suggestions from our customers. All based on the best flavours and safe sweetening methods.

We do not use colourants

In our offer, there are no products that contain a colourant. It is widely known that colourants are harmful, they can cause numerous allergic and gastrointestinal reactions, and do not change the composition or effectiveness of a product. In our opinion they are unnecessary, so we do not use them in our production process.

More than 120 products and counting

Every month, there are several launches within the Allnutrition brand. We already have more than 120 products and all the time we are planning to expand our assortment. We also are adding new flavour variations and new weights. We are intensively developing a line of food and vitamin products for women, tailored to their needs. Our production plans go much further and we are not slowing down.

Presence at the largest trade fairs in Poland and abroad

Allnutrition is present at all major trade fairs in Poland and abroad. We are a strategic sponsor of the Polish Bodybuilding, Fitness & Powerlifting Federation and a partner of such events as FiWE, Bodybuilding‍ debuts, the GoActive Show or the PEI Conference. At the international level, Allnutrition could be found at FIBO and EVLS Prague Pro.

Strong market position

Allnutrition is available is selected online stores in Poland, more than 380 brick-and-mortar stores and gyms and in 20 countries across Europe. We carefully select our business partners and constantly establish new relationships in a desire to build a strong and recognisable brand.

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